About us

Mosaico Ensemble ‘s members draw inspiration from the various musical styles they have experienced to create a unique musical signature.

The ensemble, founded by Liav Baruch and childhood friend-the percussion musician-Shimri Achiam, preformed from an early age developing their unique sound. Liav’s origins came from the diverse musical worlds of Progressive rock and the Middle East. He studied Indian music at Varanaci and worked on Western composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music. At the academy, Liav met bass player Dror Tubul, from the academy's department of Oriental Music who focused on traditional North African music. The three joined with, pianist and composer Orel Oshrat, a graduate of both the CMDL School of Jazz and the Jerusalem Academy of Music in multidisciplinary composition to complete the quartet

 The first album of the quartet (Loess) was produced by the jazz pianist Nitai Hershkowitz and contains eleven original compositions.